Reading Room: Experiments in Collaborative Dialogue and Archival Practice in the Arts

About the Exhibition

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Reading Room: Experiments in Collaborative Dialogue and Archival Practice in the Arts

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Welcome to Reading Room! This is your space. Here, we invite you to explore and respond to a living archive, of digital documentation of exhibition programming, and other learning materials. Everything here is meant to guide your inquiry. This exhibition emerged from a series of conversations about the role of the art museum as a site of community discourse and reflection, and seeks to visualize intellectual and social change over time. With this in mind, please feel free to interact with everything in the exhibition room and on this website.

We encourage you to spend time with the materials and respond to what you see in the exhibition space, the museum’s other galleries, and the archival content available on this website. Feeling inspired to contribute? Please visit our "reflect and respond" blog here and be part of this living archive! Your contributions to this exhibit will be documented weekly and digitally archived. We are excited to hear what you have to say, and invite you to consider a few questions: how can technology facilitate and shape ongoing conversations about art? What is the role of collaborative discussion within a community? And finally, how can art act as a mechanism for social action? 


June Lei (Bowdoin College '18), Curator

An Art History and English double major at Bowdoin, June is writing a collection of poetry for her senior Honors Project, which she hopes can be her Bowdoin legacy alongside the exhibition Reading Room. Her art historical inclinations lean towards contemporary American and Chinese arts, with particular interests in diasporic identities, futurity, and urbanization. June’s curatorial experience derives from archival research and community programming at various arts organizations and museums in her native New York City. She hopes to continue this work after graduation. In her free time, she sews her own clothes and practices figure skating at Bowdoin’s hockey rink.


Hailey Beaman (Bowdoin College '18), Curator

Hailing from outside of Los Angeles, Hailey's love of art was was inspired by the trips she took to the Getty Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) with her grandparents growing up. At Bowdoin, she is an Art History and English double major most captivated by modernist and contemporary art, modernist literature, media studies, and social practice art. Reading Room has allowed her to explore her interests in the intersection of art, technology, and social practice--an interest that she intends to pursue through graduate study. When she is not in class or working on Reading Room, she can likely be found learning Dutch verb conjugations.